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Some dick munch has been voting zero on my music since I first submitted it, just vote five on it and move on.

You can vote on your own music?

"Just because some things you make aren't great, It Doesn't mean they aren't worth listening to." Quote From a Middle School.

Don't keep yourself down keep makeing music=D my favorite one yet is probably "Pink And Yellow" its just a nice mellow type of rock that i love =D

PS. just because you upload something nobody likes doesnt mean you dont have something good =]

Thanks, guys, I feel a lot better now. :)

Pah! Just let me know if someone bombs your shit.
In fact, I brought up one of your scores by 1.23 points today, "If As Not Can Do".

Wow, thanks! I really appreciate it!

Hey it doesn't matter what other people think as much as it matters what you think of your music. You are a good artist and getting better.

I submit to newgrounds to see what it is that people want, to make my music better and to share what I can do with everyone out there.

Yes, it is hard to get zero bombed, happens to me all the time, but that is part of newgrounds. No talent idiots that go around blamming shit just cause they aren't as good as the people they blam.

In conclusion I would just like to say. Newgrounds is a portal to your future in music without it you would get less feedback and you wouldn't try as hard to grow as a musician.

Keep up your hard work and think of newgrounds as a tool.
Good Luck.

The new grounds rating system is entirely pointless for new submissions, don't look to it to get an indication as to whether people like your music or not. Like you said your self, it only takes 2 people to completely demolish your score, it's a broken way of rating what is and isn't popular, made worse by the fact that people who vote a lot have weighted votes so their votes are worth even more.

The only time the rating system is fair and works is after your piece has had more than 50+ votes, at that point 0 bombers can't affect your score much, the newgrounds rating system works only long term. No piece of music will stay in the 4.20+ range after first being submitted no matter how good it is because some people 0 bomb anything. Takes awhile for scores to even out. I've had music stay in the top ten for a week with only 20 or so votes, only to have a few people knock me down to sub 4.0 scores by 0ing me.

The upside of the system, of course, is that eventually truly popular music will stay in the top 50 range since after a certain number of votes, its impossible to affect any sort of major score change, even if your buddies gang up on someone.

At any rate, before you even consider your scores, ask your self why you're making music in the first place. If you do it for your own enjoyment, who gives a shit what people think? I don't care if people like my music, I make it because I enjoy it, I upload it to share it. If others like it, great, if they don't, too bad!

Basically, my point is, ignore your score, it's irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, make music because you enjoy doing it, doing it for any other reason just isn't worth it in my opinion.

Yes, I hate people like that. Just being n00bs andvoting 0 in hopes of something stupid, like for their submission to get higher votes, when the ones they vote zero on is really the ones that are suppose to get high votes.

I voted five on Innocent changes not, but that didn't seem to help much.