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Very nice.

This definitely deserves all the attention. The animation and voice acting were excellent, and I was honestly freaked out at some points, the screamer at the end notwithstanding.


That was extremely well made, as well as absolutely terrifying. You could easily make a true horror flash. I'm truly awe-struck.


Amazing song, man! My favorite parts were the vocal duets. They gave me chills. The lyrics and visuals were hilarious, and yet still paralyzingly impressive. Keep it up!

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Really Easy

End of Day 8: $43,384,844.83

Really fun!

I wish more games were this challenging and aesthetically pleasing. The only thing I would recommend is a restart button and some way to mark squares that you know won't get filled in, like the flags in Minesweeper. Other than that, awesome job. Favorited for sure!


This is a truly addicting game. I love it. The only problem is that after a certain point, it's impossible to end the combo unless you do it manually, so the game is a little less fun. I left the game open and got a combo of nearly 19 million, and I had no fewer shells than when I started. Still, I really enjoyed it in the beginning.

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Just fantastic. Kudos to the vocalist, obviously, but let's not forget about the instrumental portion. I was most impressed with the mastering, but the composition itself is nothing to scoff at--definitely fit the theme, and kept my foot tapping. And I don't care what anyone else says, that gated intro made me say "Whoah," out loud. Totally cool. Excellent job, both of you.

Step responds:

Man, it's awesome getting such great feedback on this. I'm honestly not experienced at all in making anything like this, so I'm relieved that it seems to be somewhat of a success!

I'm glad you liked both the vocals and the instrumental portion. And you're like one of the first people to like the gated thing, so yay!

Thanks a lot for the review man, made my day!

Definitely got my foot tapping, but I think the high frequencies were too loud. The hats especially got grating at times. Very well produced otherwise.

Started off kind of weak, but it really grew on me. I think with some mastering (and definitely some reverb/EQ on the piano--it sounds really flat as it is) this could be very awesome. Slight reverb on the drums, especially right at the beginning, might also be beneficial. One thing I really liked was the little stutter/breakdown before each chorus. Also, one thing I didn't expect was that the intensity in Mars' voice was complemented well by the distorted guitar.

On another note, when he says "Your eyes were wide open, why were they open?" His eyes would have to be open in order to know that. Kinda funny.

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Naw, that's pretty much traced.

Kingzant responds:

Hah, I chuckled. If it were traced, it would be perfect. All lines perfectly straight and dark, and do you see the tankman? Reminds me of a monkey! Unless, of course, this is an April fools joke.

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