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Really Easy

End of Day 8: $43,384,844.83

Really fun!

I wish more games were this challenging and aesthetically pleasing. The only thing I would recommend is a restart button and some way to mark squares that you know won't get filled in, like the flags in Minesweeper. Other than that, awesome job. Favorited for sure!


This is a truly addicting game. I love it. The only problem is that after a certain point, it's impossible to end the combo unless you do it manually, so the game is a little less fun. I left the game open and got a combo of nearly 19 million, and I had no fewer shells than when I started. Still, I really enjoyed it in the beginning.


I wanna press tab so bad, but I also really, really don't. This is a tough dilemma. It was a pretty good game, it was much faster than most other point and clicks.

My goodness

Wow, this truly was a wonderful game. Anyone who says games can't be art has not played this. Fascinating setup, frustrating but rewarding puzzles, and great art and music. Definitely one of the best.

Awesome game

Well made, and pretty fun.

By the way, flamewolf, you're stupid. You wait until they drop the shield and THEN shoot them. You're obviously impatient and ignorant.

Am I done?

I've found every artifact, unearthed every pillar, and opened every portal. There are still many questions left unanswered, and I was wondering if there's still more to the game. The Oarbor is still a mystery, and I'm feeling kind of disappointed by the ending, if it was the ending at all. Anyone? What can I do from here?

Very fun

Easily one of the most addicting games on the site. I have a few suggestions for Pwong 3 (whenever that may begin development): More upgrades, maybe one that slows down the game speed, for instance. More achievements, that hopefully award credits. A leveling system, which may incorporate some of those new upgrades. With everything already in the game, with even more added to it, this would be immortal on the site.

God dammit.

This is a relatively fun game, but for some reason, I couldn't stop moving to the right, no matter what I did. Therefore, I kept running straight into zombies and dying. I don't know if this is just my computer, but it's annoying as hell.

Very Fun

This game is well made, has reasonable difficulty, and is highly addictive. The only things I would change: I think you should be able to buy more than one turret, I think that would have been fun. Also, maybe have the survivors help you shoot zombies.

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