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Ah, memories.

I loved this song. It meant there was action ahead. It also fit the rainy scenery. You have a very good rendition of it, it's very convincing. It I heard this in the video game, I would not be confused at all.


The beginning was hilarious. And then it exploded. In the best way possible. this is awesome. I have no idea how you did it, but it was awesome. I really enjoyed it. If I had an iPod, this would go straight onto it.

Metaljonus responds:

Yeah I thought of the intro at the last minute I wanted to make it a lil more interesting ya know lol. Download it instead!

This is cool.

I can definitely sense the sentimentality and the mood in this track. As for mixing, I have no idea how to equalize or compress, and I wouldn't even know how to recognize it, so sorry. The song sounds very smooth and there are no sharp transitions or anything, if that's what you're talking about. The melodies are all cool, and there was a great choice of synth.

And you're so lucky, I still have all this week D: But yeah, I'll miss freshman year. It was fun. And I've heard sophomore year has the highest workload ):

BCCB responds:

Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it!

Yes, I heard Sophomore Year was the toughest. I'm doubling up on Math that year. =P

You have a good voice.

The intruments are kind of obnoxious, particularly that bell-synth-something that shows up every so often. The strings were really good and the piano was convincing as well. By the way, when he says "voice inside my head" you gotta pronounce "head" more like "yed" xD

This sounds familiar

and not just from newgrounds, because I know it's used in a lot of entries. It reminds me a lot of "Stranger Than Fiction". You know, the movie with Will Ferrell? But that couldn't be it. It's a great song, so what the hell. Nice job. It makes me feel very relaxed. Sounds like something that would play in an elevator.

Very nice.

I've been trying to figure out how to make orchestral tracks and failing horribly. This is amazing, though. Very epic. I can just faintly hear some distortion guitar in the background lol

anmarthi responds:

Well no guitars here. I guess some of the brass instruments could be mistaken for a distorted instrument considering the shitty mix and so on. Thanks for the vote and review;)


It's an okay tune, I just expected it to be an intro to some larger, 8-bit track. Several times, I thought it would kind of... explode.


I can tell you had a lot of fun making your own synths lol

tuxteeshirt responds:


yeah, howd'ya know


You should inject Steph with the cold virus before you record a song, cuz she always sounds better when she's sick, apparently.


She had a cold in this one, too? I never would have guessed. This song is awesome. Did you ever release an album? I would have bought it. Definitely. Why did you guys stop making songs together, anyway?

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