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This song has very little potential in my opinion. If I were you, I would just start over. However, if you really want to stick with it, here are my suggestions: Add some kind of effect to the piano. It sounds very flat and emotionless as it is. I suggest a little reverb and some EQ. Secondly, experiment with some different basses. I understand that a piano can stand alone, but if you want it to serve its purpose as a tutorial loop, then some more variation is definitely necessary. I hope this helps.

Mariofan9 responds:

I see.
It is a pretty empty sounding tune, isn't it? I'll experiment with your suggested effects in my next project.
Thanks for the critique.

Why is the rating so low?

This is great. I really liked it, right off the bat. The sound quality, the piano interpretation, and the vocals are all fantastic. I don't understand why the rating isn't 1.00 higher.


I really enjoyed listening to this. I can't really give you credit for the composition, but the interpretation is simply fantastic. Your choice in sounds was nearly perfect.

Speaking of which, X-Infinity-Zero, there was no Slayer, but actually a preset of Sytrus called "Inferno."


This is a pretty sweet song. By the way, the scream is from Wall-E.

I got chills

First of all, this is certainly my favorite game on the Gamecube console, perhaps even of any game ever. Second, you did a fantastic job with this. The only problem I have is the FL Slayer. PLEASE replace it for a different instrument. I love this song so much, but I cringe when I hear that sound in there. That's the only thing between this song and perfection.

Awesome song

About the story: Perhaps the bell tower is only in the man's mind, and his plan is to build it. I don't know, that seemed more artistic somehow.

It's alright

This song is obviously very well made. Everything is of high quality, and there is a high level of diversity. However, the melodies are kind of simple and uninteresting. They're not dynamic at all, and every forty seconds or so I'd find myself kind of bored. The only things I thought were well composed were the piano parts, and there were only two or three different riffs. Again, the quality is amazing, but the actual music is lacking.


This is way, way better than my first upload. I actually had to remove my first upload because I was getting hate mail about it. I'm not joking. I actually kind of enjoyed this, but like most of your songs, you kind of go overboard with distortion and other effects, and even though the composition is great, the song sounds swampy and gross.


The lyrics are okay, but your voice is just terrible for rapping. Maybe it's just the bad recording quality, but maybe you should try some vocoder or get someone else to do it. Keep in mind, this has potential, but I couldn't take this very seriously.

bigjonny13 responds:

Mreh, I'm white and I'm rapping to video game music. I didn't add any effects or something, so that's another reason why it doesn't sound great. Thanks for the feedback.

40 hours well spent

I can definitely hear all the work behind this. This is mind-blowingly well made. I love listening to it. Every second of this song is perfect, both in arrangement and sound. I think every artist on Newgrounds aspires to make just one song like this in their career.

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