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The compositon is excellent, I'll give you that. However, there's just something about it that makes me think it's not done yet. One thing I think you don't have to work on anymore is the percussion, you pretty much have that down.


I have to agree with RealityVictim to some degree. The composition is pretty sweet, but all of the instruments are FL Studio defaults. There's not even an attempt to disguise them. If I had to tell you one hint to help you with this song, it would be this: ditch FL Slayer as soon as possible. I understand the appeal, but it's just a terrible instrument. The next most important thing is to vary your percussion a lot. You seem to have the same pattern all throughout. They're also the drums from the Trance Template in FL8. The final thing is that you should really fiddle around with the channels some more. The defaults aren't really meant to be used as they are. You're supposed to take the presets and customize them. Overall, I liked this, but certainly not because of your finesse with FL Studio.


This song is definitely catchy, but not because of the composition. Obviously, you can't be penalized for that, but you can be penalized for choosing this song. No, the reason this is so good is because of the percussion. The really hardcore drum 'n' bass loops really got me into this song. Some of the bass synths are also really rich, and I like it.


Very powerful. I wouldn't be surprised at all to hear this in a movie score. Well, I probably would, since it would either be a FF movie or plagiarism, but you know what I mean. The percussion really emphasizes the "last stand" mood of the song. Oh, god--wait. Did I just hear FL Slayer in there? Oh, come on. Everything was perfect. I know that FL Studio doesn't have a single good guitar sound, but you couldn't have downloaded a better VST for a song this good? That's the only blemish as far as I'm concerned. There's no question that the arrangement is completely accurate, and that the mood is amplified. Great track, dude.

viion responds:

hahah you know whats funny right? I did the guitar in Reason and edited it significantly but I couldnt get the right sound, it sounded too techno in Reason but they had a nice guitar like flickoff sound but the actual strum was rubbish, so I lowered the fake techno guitar, kept the ending of the flick off sound and then placed FL Slayer 2 on top of the techno and transitioned it into the flick off, thought i didnt pretty decent but was that obvious its slayer ey haha. Well it was a long long time ago, if i did it now it'd be a lot different, I wouldnt even use much VST as a lot I could get done by live sound production and then do VST post editing. But would be costly haha.

Impressed, again

It seems like this review isn't even necessary. Pretty much everything you upload is a huge hit on the site, and 790 people have already told you so on this song alone. I do agree that it needs to be longer, though. That percussion breakdown really got me excited, and then it ended.

My god.

That build up makes me feel like I'm about to drive over the edge of a cliff or something. I felt chills multiple times throughout the song. I don't think I know anyone who can handle sounds and beats like you do.


I think the first minute or so is the best. The percussion and synths are fantastic, and KlonoaMAST3R's piano riff is catchy. Later on, it gets a little generic, and then later than that, it gets a little crowded and muddy. The song is great, and I love the feel of it, but I think that you could spend some more time focusing on the rest of the song.

DjKirb responds:

Haha, thanks John. But I'm afraid the original .flp is LONG GONE D:

My old desktop's motherboard burnt. pretty badly too.

Thanks for the review ^^


I think this is decent. Not really what I would consider funk, but catchy nonetheless. I think it sounds like something that might be playing in the background of a Katamari game.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

If not funk, I'm not really sure what you would consider it at all aside from Katamari BGM
I'm going to stick with funk/hip-hop
It's not a spot on example of back in the day funk music with real time instruments being played
However, it does contain a lot of the elements of funk as well as other genres, so it's stayin'
+ it's too late to change it now anyways


This is very refreshing after all of the generic techno I've been hearing. I really like this. Seriously, I've been having really bad writer's block all day, and while I've been listening to this, the words just write themselves. Besides that, the tune is just plain catchy. I don't know whether these are live instruments or not, but it certainly sounds real regardless.

Strange Diagnosis

It seems like you have the exact opposite problem of most artists on this site. You certainly know what you're doing in FL Studio, because all of the synths and effects are perfect, but your musical composition is weak. This has all the elements that a really powerful song should have, and I couldn't help but get a little excited while listening. The only thing is that the tunes are a little bland and they seem to lack structure. I really have no idea what to tell you regarding advice, except that you should keep practicing.

Karlssonffs responds:

Hey m8!

Sry for not responding to you in time, but i also feel like i lack the skill of musical compsition, tho i aim for being better and better, and i hope one day i can get it perfect ;)

Ty very much for your review and ill hope you will stick around and see my other projects in the future :)

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