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It sounds like you have a 4/4 beat going with a 3/4 melody, and I think it's really messing with the rhythm of the song. If you ever come back to this, that should be one of the things you focus on. Other than that, it sounds very energetic and the craftmanship is amazing.


Besides the fact that I can probably name all the FL defaults you used, the beat is obnoxious and the melodies are repetitive. I think you tried really hard to fit into the hard trance genre, but I think you need some more practice.

lueljohn responds:

I agree, I am just a noob yet. :D


I think you put this in the right genre. It's a really unique song, and I felt like it was really well made. The only thing that bugged me sometimes was how much the snare/clap thing from the beginning stood out. For some reason, later on in the song, it just seems out of place. Other than that, the melodies, beats, and synths were awesome. Good job with this one.

philjo responds:

Thanks man! Good to hear some thoughts from a fellow musician. Love the generous 9 score and review! Thanks again for listening much appreciated!
respect - philjo


At first, I was like, "eh," but after the minute mark or so it turns amazing. Definitely worth listening through to the end. The organ work is sexy as hell, and the mixing is very well done. Congrats.

Solkrieg responds:

Wow, thank you so much! I'm glad you like my work!


I don't get why this has such a low rating. I mean, it's not fabulous, but it's definitely not 1.87 bad.

Flalaski responds:

thanks! yeah, i think it was some troll that 0'd it..


This definitely has the potential to be a cool song, but there are a few things standing in the way. First of all, the repetition in this is definitely an issue. Every time there was a buildup, I expected some kind of awesome breakdown or something but it was basically just reverting back to the same bassline-pad combo. Secondly, it seemed like some of the bass patterns were just chaotic without really being musical. I don't really have any suggestions for that, but I think you should definitely look for it. Other than that, this is a great foundation for a song in the future.

PainasaurusRex responds:

I'll look into improving it, thank you for your advice. I'll put it up again if I change it. :D


I favorited this a while back and forgot about it lol. It's a very good song, if a bit roughly made. The composition is really catchy. You've obviously got a very musical mind.


I just now caught what you probably hear as dogs barking. It's just a sound that sounds suspiciously like a dog's bark. Anyway, the song is pretty sweet, not that you need me to say it. I mean, more than 2,500 people have done that already. The amount of detail that goes into a song like this is beyond me.


Someone said that the drums don't compliment the song, but I disagree. They sound very montage-like and pretty awesome. Overall, I think this song would have been much improved by a bit of variation. It seems a bit repetitive, but other than that, I really enjoyed it.


I think the instruments really gave it character. I really liked this. The arrangement was excellent, and the mood was definitely captured. I think this will go into my favorites. To be honest, it sounded like Runescape music, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Deluxe489 responds:

I thought several of the instruments sounded bad, but thank you.
And I'll take your word for that :P

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