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It certainly sounds like a menu theme from some game at the beginning, and that's not a bad thing. The percussion is really really catchy, but the main synth that plays from the very beginning is a tiny bit obnoxious. I had to kind of fight through the first 1:10 of the song. After that it's just amazing, though. Really nice job.


Some of the instruments need equalizing, but the tune and drumbeat are catchy. I liked it, despite it feeling a little less powerful than the average DnB track.

Oh! I know!

There's Sytrus: Digi as the bass for most of the song, and Sytrus: Vibrant after about 40 seconds. One of the synths sounds like Sytrus: Popcorn but it could be any
number of sounds in the "Short Synth" category. What do I win?

But yeah, awesome song. There are only two problems: the repetition, and the length. The whole thing feels like a drawn out intro to me. (P.S. Flash artists are allowed to use your songs with or without your permission, you agreed to it when you posted the song in the Audio Portal.)

Treysen responds:

Your good!! :D Except it isn't popcorn ;) I actually forgot what it was, but it's not popcorn lol, but it is sytrus something xD

And yes I know I did, but I would have at least liked an PM or something >_< I'm just complaining because I wanted to start over lol, but its all good.

Thanks for the review! :D


I don't suggest that you leave. You were one of the artists that inspired me to begin composing music a few years ago. When I think of the NG Audio Portal, your name comes to mind. You've made some really great songs here on NG, and made quite the name for yourself. I'm sure whatever reason you have for leaving, it's perfectly reasonable, but we'll miss you for sure.

cazok responds:

Thanks! Really appreciate it :)


This isn't like most dubstep. That is to say, it actually sounds like music to me. I love the melodies, and the mastering on the percussion is pretty spot on. This clearly had a ton of effort put into it as well. Nice job!

Chimy727 responds:

haha. thanks! thats a great compliment!
nice review! well appreciated! :D

Very nice.

Why didn't you tell me you were uploading songs? This is really good. The only things I suggest are that you look up some tutorials on mastering (some of the instruments are really harsh) and that you extend the song.

Chrisbutter responds:

Ok ill do that! It would help if i had the real program but i dont :/ Thanks though!


And I mean that in the best way possible. Even though it's very short and sporatic, I ended up zoning out and listening to it for a good ten minutes lost in thought. It's very cool, I'd be interested to see where you take this in the future.

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

Thats good to hear. I try to shoot for that with the loops. Something you can let play over and over; just feels good. Thanks for listening, man.


The drums are amazing, but that's all I can hear. I keep getting whiffs of sweet tunes somewhere in the background but they're almost completely overshadowed. I agree with Aaroca, perhaps now that each of the sounds sounds well individually, you should make sure they sound well together.


I didn't even look at the name of the author until I heard the kick drum and I was like "This is totally Dimrain." As usual, this pretty much makes everyone else on this site look like crap. Awesome job, it just flows.

What libraries were these?!

These samples are simply fantastic. Very realistic, and your composition is unmatched. I'm sure this question has become stale by now, but what on earth did you use to make this?

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