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This would be so much cooler if you added a lot of reverb to the piano. Seriously, that one little thing would improve this song so much. Other than that, the composition seems nice, and the sounds come together well. It's a bit repetitive, and the snare is a little too sharp, but overall I like it.

pitchblak responds:

Appreciate the review man, I may go back and add some reverb to the piano to see what it sounds like.About the snare,well,Im not much of a pro when it comes to drums,I like it though especially compared to some that Ive used in the past.This song sounds like it lost a little bit of its quality when I uploaded it,the original mp3 that I have does sound a little clearer...puzzles me a little bit. Keep Rockin man,thanx for the advice


You have to make this longer. Now. I was just getting all into it. It sounds so good! How could you allow yourself to stop?

DJ-Qwamii responds:

Sure mate! Thanks! It's a WIP. :D


The composition seems fine, but Slayer is a terrible choice for an instrument. Use any of the many other synths available in FL Studio, or make your own if you know how. I think there was way too much reverb on the piano, and not nearly enough on the drums. Also, this pretty much uses the same melodies and instruments throughout; try adding more varation. This will make the song much more appealing.

ianross responds:

... i didnt use slayer?... i used dark guitar and piano... but i agree i should use more variation... how do u make your own synth? can u do that on the demo version? ill use more instruments on my next composition... im very new to digital music so thankyou for the advice......


You definitely seem to have the melodies right. It sounds pretty accurate to the original. The only problem is that the sounds are really really annoying. If you work a bit on fleshing out the percussion (try adding some hats and hi-hats, it will make the drums a little more vibrant and energetic) and changing some of the other instruments (using only 3xOsc gets a little old), then this could be really good.

Darkfire96 responds:

well thanks for your input as i might come to this in the future. But as it satnds right now im kinda not gonna be touching this for a while. I agree that 3xOsc does get old, but its the only synth i can use for melodies like this. Regardless this is really helpful, and i thanks you for reviewing.

Angels Gone Rogue
-DJ Chaos


It seems like you made this simply for the sake of composing. It's not really melodic and there's not much harmony. The previous reviewer was right: this isn't trance. It's fine if you have your own style, but you can't just say your music is in a genre that it isn't. Personally, I disliked this song kind of a lot. I honestly don't mean to sound like a prick, but I think what you need is a lot of practice and some inspiration. When you make songs, there's gotta be some kind of drive behind it, and this is pretty bland and flat.

Darkfire96 responds:

Sorry, but i made this a WHILE back. Im better at FL studio. Your right, i did do this for the sake of composing. I was testing myself to see how well i was, and i wanted others opinion on my growth, not the music myself. What i said in D-Chain's Review i meant though. Well except for Reverb. I liek Reverb :D But my melodies are simple yet complex. As they are made from scratch, i would think they could at least get some credit. Your right, this isnt trance. To be honest it isnt even electronica. Its just...what it is. To be honest, when i looked back at this song, since this is on of my favorites, i say to myself how did i make the melodies. About the genre i want to say its house, really, but i cant make that decision yet. I did not have a drive behind this except for the spontaneous melody that had come to exist. I wanted to put this melody down with a good plugin as fast as i could, and i really didnt care how the song came out. But all in all, considering how little i knew back then, i would still at least give it a 7. 5 for the melody, 6 for how i used the same plugins at different settings to complement each other, 1/2 for basic EQing, and 1/2 for the elepiano. Regardless i still appreciate your review, and i dont think your a prick if your expressing your opinions, as long as you have reason.

Angels Gone Rogue
-DJ Chaos


The composition is really good, but I'm hearing lots of FL Studio defaults. There's nothing wrong with that, per se, but you should try to mess with the instruments a little bit. I think you'll be more satisfied with the sounds the more you can customize them.

CRF250 responds:

We'll see. ^ ^


Right off the bat, this song took my attention. As others have said, however, the whole middle of the track was well composed, but not fitting. The rest of the song was, for lack of a better term, really energetically contagious. I felt like there was a charisma to it, and then after about a minute, it seemed to lose that. It was still very well made, but I felt a bit let down.


Generally, when an artist makes a sequel to their own song on NG, I'm not a huge fan; they're quite often overdone, over-the-top versions of their predecessors. This, however, is very intriguing. The percussion was really the element that caught my attention. If the rest of the song will sound like this, then I think you've got another smash hit in the works.

No problems

As far as I can tell, this song is pretty flawless. There are only a few timing errors (some notes are a little misaligned), but I think I remember that you record your instruments live, so it's understandable. Nice job! I felt very relaxed and empowered by this.

BatesyBates responds:

Yeah, thanks for the review!


I really liked it. There was a really great flow in this song. This may sound weird, but I honestly felt like I was watching water falling over rocks. The melodies and instruments are very well chosen. I definitely can't complain about any of the sounds. The mastering was also really great. The bass at around 1:50 is especially delicious. Very nice song overall, I can definitely see how this was inspired by Envy.

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