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What I imagine is a guy sitting in his car on a dirt road waiting for someone to come back and get in. No idea what the background for that is, or what may have caused it. The song is actually pretty decent, if you listen all the way through. It's relaxing.

I like this

It's very catchy, it has a solid build-up, and the synths compliment each other nicely. I think I'll listen to this when I go running. Nice job mastering, by the way.

ElectroLord99 responds:

thankyou :D i'm getting better at mastering, i'm glad you noticed my hard work lol :P

Oh god

My ears hurt. It isn't badly composed, but the main synth gate is way too prominent, and whatever you did with the panning is painful. The percussion was also fairly lame. You're right, it's definitely not final. There's very little variation.


Each part sounded pretty cool by itself, but putting the loud, high-quality drums behind the soft, 8-bit sounds just didn't work. The concept seems pretty damn cool, but I would stick with regular DnB instruments for this one, because it would be a badass drum n bass track.

BAZmotherfucker responds:

The idea did seem rather badass at the time, but for the most part I'd have to agree, the contrast is just too odd x] but I'm glad I got this idea out of my system, and I'm glad you liked each part, because that counts for something.

Pretty good

It's well made, but I don't really like dubstep all that much. By the way, there's a genre for dubstep, you don't need to put it in DnB.


For some reason, I read the last sentence in your comments, "Nevertheless I hope you cry." Now that I have overcome that misunderstanding, I find that this piece is quite awesome. All the instruments were used effectively, and I could feel each nuance exactly as you intended them.

Fr0zEnPh0eNiX responds:


Enjoy, cry, same difference right?


I really liked this. The only thing is that sometimes the sounds seem a little cluttered and busy. Perhaps a bit more mastering could really bring out the sounds individually instead of having them all competing to be heard. I really liked the sounds you used, and I hope that this is re-uploaded someday. It could easily be on my favorites list.

tijnn responds:

Thanks for the review, i know it sounds a bit cluttered, but with my mastering 'skill' as of today, i can't make it any brighter yet : )

Kinda new to logic pro still, but im glad you liked it!

BFC Hat?

As in the Monster Energy product? Damn, that's a loss if there ever was one. Excellent song, by the way.

K-Dm responds:

nah not the monster energy one lol

but thx anyways haha


Pretty good.

Very well arranged, I don't know how many hours it must have taken from start to finish. While the melodies themselves aren't really my thing, I can't deny you that awesome drum solo. Overall, 4/5, and 9/10.

Experimental is right.

I honestly don't know what to say about this. The individual parts were pretty well made, but when you put them all together, it just sounded... bad. I understand that the quality of the sound may have been toned down on purpose, but it just made the clutter seem even thicker.

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