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Just fantastic. Kudos to the vocalist, obviously, but let's not forget about the instrumental portion. I was most impressed with the mastering, but the composition itself is nothing to scoff at--definitely fit the theme, and kept my foot tapping. And I don't care what anyone else says, that gated intro made me say "Whoah," out loud. Totally cool. Excellent job, both of you.

Step responds:

Man, it's awesome getting such great feedback on this. I'm honestly not experienced at all in making anything like this, so I'm relieved that it seems to be somewhat of a success!

I'm glad you liked both the vocals and the instrumental portion. And you're like one of the first people to like the gated thing, so yay!

Thanks a lot for the review man, made my day!

I use FL Studio stock sounds exclusively! It's all I've ever needed, although it could be argued that my music isn't all that good. You've done a good job with this track, I wouldn't have guessed there weren't external VST's involved.

DdyCat responds:

That was my intent, to make it sound like professional vst's were used and to show you the power of fl.
Thanks for the review \o/

Wow. Awesome. I thought it was a little whack until around 1:20 when the chord progression becomes prevalent. Awesome job, dude. This is really great for playing in the background while working or writing or pretty much anything. Honestly, I have no clue how you did this, but even though I can't detect any specific changes throughout most of the song, it never seems repetitive in the least.

Whatever score this song gets, it deserves better. :D

Directinput responds:

I'm honestly grinning ear to ear right now just reading this review. I'm glad you like the song so much :D. Thanks for reviewing!

Too catchy! Shame on you, now this will be in my head for days. :P

KingTornadoTalon911 responds:

Just keep on listening, John!! THanks for the Review, as well!!

Perhaps it's because I've never been able to do it myself, but I highly respect artists who can pull off a good chiptune, especially one with such character as this. Great work.

Oh, god. The breakdown at the end was just perfect.

tilman responds:

MAN! i know what you mean. it's funny though, since i actually
thought, that this song didn't feel authentic at all!
glad you think otherwise :D

thanks for leaving a review!

Neat! The chord progression was creative and natural sounding, and all the sounds were pleasing to the ear. I really love the subtle strings in the background too. It gives the song a nice full body.

The only thing that bugged me was that the buildup fell into another mellow segment. I understand that this is unfinished, but I was all ready to dance and then I didn't.

As for words of wisdom, I'm not sure I have anything for you except to finish it. You seem to have a good handle on what House music should be like, and you're clearly skilled with whatever DAW you use. If you're wondering whether or not to continue with this foundation, you definitely should.

Directinput responds:

thanks! Wasn't to sure if anyone would like the strings lol

Fuckin sick.

Keep this shit up, dude.

TIMarbury responds:

for sure bro


Well, you've proved to me that you can sound out songs. I don't know if we're supposed to think it's a real ocarina, but I don't. Taking that into account, it's an unadventurous and boring track. If you had been playing live instruments, then sure, this would be impressive. If there had been any kind of accompaniment, I'd give you some props. As it is, though, I fail to see anything particularly interesting or exceptional about this.

Ocarina-Kid responds:

I don't really understand what you're getting at but believe what you want man, doesn't bother me. This is the internet after all.


The song is awesome, but it's made especially awesome when you just get finished reading a few chapters of Frankenstein before listening. Somehow this fits the novel really well, and I can't quite explain why. Great job!

Indigorain responds:

Haha, awesome, Frankenstep? :D
Thanks a lot for the review and the kind words man! :D

Great Rhythm

At the beginning, the bass sets a GREAT rhythm. I was really excited, but it gets kind of boring after that. Maybe I'm just not in the right mood but I was expecting some kind of explosion or climax and I was a little disappointed. A little bit redundant, but the sounds are great and I can still listen to the beginning over and over. ;)

OcularNebula responds:

Well, it is ambient. But I do see that it could have been better and with more interesting development.

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