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Classic Dimrain

The subtle, tight percussion, the fast moving melodies, Sytrus; I'd be able to tell who composed this any day. Great as usual, it's absolutely perfect as background music for any kind of fast-paced game. While I can't say I like FL Slayer, you managed to use it pretty decently. Great job!


I really liked this, but I think your idea bout IDM would improve it MASSIVELY. Obviously this is beautifully made, but I can't help but think that a great beat would make it invincible.


You said that the kalimba didn't really make sense, but it was honestly my favorite element in this piece. The whole thing was fantastic, but the last 20-30 seconds were the best. Keep it up!


I love this, and I can't entirely explain why.

Great Rhythm

At the beginning, the bass sets a GREAT rhythm. I was really excited, but it gets kind of boring after that. Maybe I'm just not in the right mood but I was expecting some kind of explosion or climax and I was a little disappointed. A little bit redundant, but the sounds are great and I can still listen to the beginning over and over. ;)

OcularNebula responds:

Well, it is ambient. But I do see that it could have been better and with more interesting development.


This is a very wholesome piece, if that makes any sense. The high and low notes are balanced well, and the instruments compliment each other nicely. I'm making my own cover of this song, and it's really cool to see all the different styles people have already tried. I really enjoyed this. :) The only thing is that the little guitar twang thing was kind of whack. Still, great job!

Hello again, friend

It's nice to see you again. Great beat on this one! The little voice over things are neat too. Good luck!

tcholloventura responds:

TNX bro. =D


I don't know why this has such a low rating. The song is actually kind of catchy. It's a bit discordant at places, but the beat is awesome, and the samples were placed expertly. "Can a robot write a symphony?" Other than being a little repetitive and off-tune, this is actually really catchy, and perfect for a stage in a fighting or racing game.


Very different from most dubstep. The drums really make this piece for me. I can definitely see miners at work while listening to this. The rhythm and mood of this song are very defined and catchy as all hell. Very nice, and good luck in the competition!

RedHydrex responds:

Thanks a lot!


Some of the sound are 2-dimensional to me, and it gets repetitive sometimes, but the beat is pretty solid and I was floored at several points. The combination of sounds makes for a very mechanical sound, which was obviously the goal.

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